Wednesday, September 5, 2012

16 Hot Sexy Babes That has my approval

16 hot models I would love to get to know, if you know what I mean! Which one is your favorite? Please comment below.

Proves you don't have to be naked to be considered hot

You can make my hot dog any day


Sexy babe!

Makes me want to get into star wars

Yes Please!

Tattoos, hot chick, starwars, pool toy what more could you want?

I think I'm a red sox fan now

shucks the strap broke


Prooves you can be dressed hideously and still be hot

She could probably beat you up!

Dang shoulder pads getting in the way

six for one deal. I'll take you all!


twofer yes please!  Man those abs are chiseled 

Name That Actor Trivia

Name The Actor Vol. 3

Can you name all 11 actors / actresses ?  Some are really easy and there might be a hard one or two. Now don't cheat! Guess without looking them up. Bet you can't get them all!
Name the cute actress

Name the actor - One of my favorites!

Name the Actor

Name this actor

Name the actor

Name the Actor

Name The Actor - Easy!

Name The Actor - One of my Favorites

Name this Actor - This guy cracks me up!

Name The Actor

Name this actor - My Favorite!
Name That Comedy Trivia
15 funny pictures

Name That Comedy Movie - Vol 1

Can you name these comedies? 
Name this movie

Name this comedy

name this movie

Name this Comedy movie - one of my favorites

Name this movie - Kings of comedy

Name this raunchy comedy

Name this movie - This actor is awesome

Name this movie - Drugs killed a great actor

Name this film - OMG the ending had me balling in laughter

Name this movie - Love bubble wrap!

Do you have the smarts to know what films these are? Lots of easy ones but a couple tough ones.  Comment below to prove your knowledge!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The 15 Best funny pictures of 9/3

Planking on top of a radio antenna  Crazy!

Chuck Norris Has Powers!

bet he wished he didn't wear white pants

Taco after effects

Pro Cheerleader

White surely wasn't the best choice

The Donkey BMW model

who says snails are always slow?

Damn Cockroaches

Chris Farley Singing "Fat man in a little coat" comes to mind just with different lyrics

This really had to hurt for both parties involved!

Zombie cat!

She was alright till she got a foot in the head

is that a rat on the sign?

Crazy Women!