Wednesday, September 5, 2012

16 Hot Sexy Babes That has my approval

16 hot models I would love to get to know, if you know what I mean! Which one is your favorite? Please comment below.

Proves you don't have to be naked to be considered hot

You can make my hot dog any day


Sexy babe!

Makes me want to get into star wars

Yes Please!

Tattoos, hot chick, starwars, pool toy what more could you want?

I think I'm a red sox fan now

shucks the strap broke


Prooves you can be dressed hideously and still be hot

She could probably beat you up!

Dang shoulder pads getting in the way

six for one deal. I'll take you all!


twofer yes please!  Man those abs are chiseled 

Name That Actor Trivia

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