Thursday, October 4, 2012

11 Best pictures of 10/4/12

Please do not try and deny that every time this cart was in the classroom or wheeled in you had a big smile on your face. It meant the lights were off, or in my dictionary, Nap time. I believe the teacher was more likely hung over or just too lazy that day :)

nothing made you happier than seeing this when walking into a classroom as a kid

Back off ladies! You shall never take our virginity! Epic picture
This is one of the best costumes I've seen. Very well done!

Zombie! Funny picture

Mt. Everest sized dumps, Epic work sign, passive aggressive 

So if you are looking for halloween ideas, I will be posting a couple from now till  halloween so you can be as epic as these people!

Little mouse is getting a free ride in his mousetrap mobile. Funny!
Awesome kids halloween costume

Here comes the baby! This is one of my favorite costumes. It made me laugh so hard when I found the picture. I don't think you can get any more epic than this costume. But lets wait and see, you never know. There are a lot of crazies out there.
Woman giving birth Halloween costume
I know this has been done several times over and over but everytime I see it, it makes me laugh! Who ever thought of it first was a genius! nothing like legally mooning your neighbors!

Mooning pumpkin people
 I thought this was a cute costume. Though  I'm not sure the kid really wants to stay in the pot for very long.
Funny Lobster baby costume

Nothing like a witches saggy tits getting in the way of some halloween fun!
Funny halloween witch comic
 Someone really hates hello kitty, or I guess they still got hello kitty tattooed on them so who knows? Maybe they love hello kitty and wanted a manly way of a tattoo that was non gay?
Funny Hello Kitty Tattoo 
 you pervert
Funny picture dog in a bikini
 Best homemade cake ever made! This is epic and amazing! who ever made this deserves a prize.
Funny picture,  Zombie Cake!
 These poor dogs. you know they will get their owners back some how...
Funny cute dog costumes Fast food

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