Tuesday, October 9, 2012

15 funniest Halloween costumes 2012

I love peoples creativity when it comes to halloween. People can come up with the most bizarre costumes without batting an eye. I wish I had their vision. Here some of the best costumes I've come across so far in my searching.  I hope you enjoy them and get a laugh or too out of them like I did :)

1. I am not sure where this is from or if its just something way in left field. Either way this is strange, odd, and   very weird.  It kinda resembles a Maid Piggy. The only thing better is if it was showing some cleavage. I'm guessing its a female under that costume. 

weird halloween costume

Here is a halloween costume of a toddler in a garden gnome. They did a spectacular job with this. I don't think they could pull this off after this year for I believe he will be picking what he wants to be next year. hah.  You don't get very many years where you get to choose the costume.
Toddler Garden Gnome Halloween costume

I've seen this photo floating around here and there.  People are weird, I don't think I would ever think of this in a million years. I'm not sure if they are trying to be ghosts with modesty or they are mocking the Arab women. I'm going to go guess the ghost, it would be black if it was Arab right?
Ghosts with  Girl underwear

This has to be one of the best kids costume I've seen. I'm not a pork person but Bacon has a place in every persons heart/stomach. The combination of bacon and maple is the greatest!  Who ever created this bacon costume did a great job. The question is, do zombies like bacon? Would this work in a zombie Apocalypse? Who am I kidding? Every animal on earth loves bacon
Baby Bacon halloween costume

This must be a hit in the Middle East? A Sexy Osama Costume? I'm pretty sure if you wear this costume some one in a Navy Seals Costume will kick your ass and I'm pretty sure it won't matter if your a female or not. Well unless you show your tits, thats the only way out of it in my mind. But who in their right mind would wear this costume. Bad taste and asking for a ass kicking. Gotta have some major balls to wear this.
Sexy Osama Bin Laden Costume

I really hope this guy wasn't really trying to look good.. I hope it was just a joke. But then again there are people out there like this guy thinks he's the shit and making the costume look good. I'm guessing this was for Comic con or something in the likes. I didn't even know you could get a sailor moon costume this large.  Weird..
Fat Sailor Moon Halloween costume.

I never liked Power Rangers growing up but this one gave me a laugh. Who else boast about killing a power ranger? And WTF is in his pants? Did he stuff his crotch with marbles?
weird power rangers costume

I'm sure this is an old costume and all since the movie Castaway was from 2000. But who doesn't love Wilson? I never did look at a volleyball the same way after watching the movie. That and him using an ice skate to take a tooth out. That will always be abetted in my head.
infant Wilson Halloween Costume

This is a pretty cool costume. Though I'm not sure how he/she could breathe
Head in a jar/headless halloween costume

What parent wouldn't love their kid choosing this costume?  The only bad thing is you would have to push him up to ever door.  The good parts is he wouldn't be able to run, wouldn't beable to eat the candy (More for you right?) and wouldn't beable to scream when you take his candy!
kids death row inmate costume

Awesome costume. but again would you like to cary this around all night? Its great for short appearances though. Great idea for sure though I'll give them mad props fro that!
Penny halloween costume  Abraham Lincoln

This has to be the best Chucky costume I have ever seen. Again this is one of the last years you can choose what they go as. You can't beat this! I'm sure he will be haunted looking back and thinking Mom/dad why did you dress me up like a doll killer? Why not a police officer or firefighter??
Toddler Chucky Halloween Costume

Best Zombie Costume ever! Hands Down! Looks like something off a A list zombie movie. I'm guessing its some kind of costume plus some make up? If thats all make up I couldn't admagine how long it would take for them to do it.   Great work
Adult Zombie Costume
 Waldo is getting old! He looks different close up as well..
Wheres Waldo Halloween Costume

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