Wednesday, October 10, 2012

24 Funny NFL Fans

Every team has its weird devoted fans. I really hope you enjoy all the special people I have came across and it gives you a couple great laughs.

In my mind the Raiders have always had the most craziest fans. Though after seeing some other pictures from other teams I'm starting to questions it.

You can tell this lady is a hoot to hang around. What other 68 year old would come to a football game dressed like this. I'm sure she was such a wild little thing growing up. Can't say I've ever seen a mohawk on an older lady let alone a crazy colored one. Awesome

Lets grate some cheese heads

Kiss would be proud! 

Those are some Mardi Gras  beads! I don't want to know what he had to do to get them..

I think Who Dat? is the stupidest  Ebonics I have ever heard. Dumb

Thats a big guy! 

This guy has some major balls! I'm sure they are sucked up his crotch though being zero degrees! Bear fans are crazy!

I don't think I need to say anything about this photo lol

Maybe next year cowboy fans

Found this picture of your mom sporting the roethlisberger uniform.

Damn Refs!

Atleast he is covering his nipples

Crazy saints

This must of been a Tebow follower

poor doll!  I wonder what he used to get his hair to stay like that!

I wonder how many people he hit that with walking around.

I think the seahawks could of used a  player on the field like this!

May the force be with you!

Finally a sexy fan. Maybe on my next post I will have to do a sexy fans. 


Crazy seahawks fan!

I think this is a lady.. or maybe asian..

Go Vikings!
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