Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lingerie Football League

How come I haven't heard of this league before now? Who wouldn't want to watch this! I hope it lasts!
I also read that this league (LFL) had fired some refs that ended up reffing for the NFL when the lockout happened. I'm not sure if one of them was the ref a the sea hawks game or not. Guess what he got fired from the LFL for?  Horrible officiating! yeah thats right, bad calls. 
Lingerie football league - Dang hand is coving up all the fun!

Oh please let me take you home, even all sweaty after a game!

Reminds me of myself chasing after the women. Sorry to break it to you but I think she can out run you

Yum! I wonder if Las vegas has a sexy lingerie football team?

Gold and blue never looked so good on a human being! Sexy football Player!

This chick looks like she has some mad football skills!
 Who ever came up with this idea of a womans full contact football league was a genius! You know that they can fill a stadium no problem!  Kinda reminds me when the WWE created the arena football league that was more contact then the NFL. I was a little sad when they didn't last very long. They were fun to watch, But certainly not as fun as this womans football!
Not sure if I would want to be in the center or the outside looking in.  Damn sexy

I wonder if these are some of the refs for the lingerie football league?
 You know this is all show when they don't have some 200lb linebacker protecting their quarterback!  If they wanted to win you know they would have atleast one fat woman in there, or two. The only thing that they could make it more entertaining is if they scrapped durring the game. Who doesn't want to see a good chick fight?
I'll take a 14, 7, 2, 2, and a 16, Oh wait! theres two numbers 2's
 I'll take all 7 of these. They could all kick my ass I know but it would be fun.
This picture sums up the whole reason why I want to go to one of these games!

This chick on the ground knows how to fight dirty

What a bunch of sexy women!

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