Tuesday, October 9, 2012

12 best Pregnant Costumes (Maternity)

Life is short and I love it when I find people who can have fun no matter what they are doing. I love zombies and well this first picture reminds me of them. 

Zombie mom pregnant costume

I do believe this costume is store bought for I found it several times when looking through pictures. Still a good costume. I'm just curious if it glows in the dark
maternity skeleton Halloween costume

I know this one is over done in so many different ways but who ever created it or thought of the idea first was a genius. and with it holding an extra candy bucket it might mean getting more candy for Halloween!
Funny Pregnant Halloween Costume

 I think if Freddy got someone pregnant I'm sure this is what would become of the fetus. It would make freddy so proud!  The only thing better is if they did it with a chucky doll!
Freddy Kroger's baby - Funny but disgusting halloween costume
 This has to be one of my favorite halloween costumes ever. I love Teenage mutant ninja turtles! I just wished they would bring Brain into one of the movies. I heard there was a new one out maybe hes in it! but this has to be one of my favorite funny pregnant costume
Pregnant TMNT halloween costume
 I'm not sure what to make of this one. I'm not sure if its good or if I just feel bad for the guy that he has to wear this. Though for the girl its a great pregnant costume.
humpty dumpty halloween costumes
 The Bun Baker strikes again! Though I do feel bad for her having to walk around with a huge cardboard box all night. Very well done though I have to admit.
Turkey in the oven maternity costume

I've seen this costume done with all the sports but this one here is my favorite. Maybe cause the girls pretty cute? who knows. not sure if its a real team I can't exactly make out what the jersey says

funny basketball pregnant costume
 Who doesn't like starwars? Who wouldn't take up the chance to be a death star without having to carry around a huge round cardboard cut out of it?  Here she's darth vader and the deathstar at the same time. Pretty cool eh?
starwars maternity costume, death star and darth vader

Though this isn't a reall costume and just a shirt, it gave me a good laugh. That and it keeps away all them pesky annoying little kids :)

I eat small children shirt

This lady took being pregnant to a whole new level, that or she thinks the whole universe revolves around her :)  Great Idea though I'm sure moving your arms without hitting a planet was tough
pregnant solar system halloween costume

Like I said this baby coming out of the stamach has been used alot by pregnant women. This one certainly needs to shave a little though.
funny halloween costume

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