Thursday, October 4, 2012

12 Best Halloween Wheelchair Costumes

This is my favorite wheelchair costume 
Batman wheelchair costume
 Its Wall-ee  Who ever made this did an amazing job on it!
Walle costume
 Though not a kids costume, I'm guessing this was at a renascence 
Awesome Knight and horse wheelchair costume
 Awesome costume but it doesn't look like the kid is very comfortable.
Snoopy wheelchair halloween costume
 Well He should beable to stop traffic no problem.
kids halloween wheelchair school bus costume,
 Moto Camp! This kid is awesome! I wonder if he had music playing when he went around on this
DJ Wheelchair halloween Costume
 Best starwars halloween costume, wheel chair or not! BEST EVER
Best halloween costume ever! Darth Vader Wheelchair costume
 I love how they made the smoke stack the candy dish. You can tell this kid was enjoying his halloween!
Train wheelchair costume
 This one is wrong in so many levels but you have to laugh at the costume. You can't push the line with the religious people further than this costume
Wheel chair halloween costume, Blowjob betty
 Best adult costume ever! I love batman and this guy had the best idea ever!
adult batman wheelchair halloween costume
This kid is having the time of his life! I love how the parents spent alot of time and effort on these costumes.  

Bucket truck halloween costume for a wheelchair
 Not sure what to think about this costume. you can tell the guy spent a lot of time perfecting it, and it shows.  It reminds me of the wheel chair of the guy from Wild Wild West with Will Smith. I'm not sure where this costume is actually from though
awesome adult halloween costume
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