Sunday, May 15, 2016

World Famous BUSHMAN PRANK | Las Vegas Bush man | Ghillie Suit Scare Pra...

World Famous BUSHMAN PRANK | Las Vegas Bush man | Ghillie Suit Scare Prank #funnyvideo #funnyprank Funny Bushman Scare Prank in Las Vegas  We are on a 8 day stretch of posting daily videos! Every day through next Wednesday we will post up a new video with all new footage for you to enjoy!

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Joe is in the suit in this episode scaring the crap out of innocent tourists in a ghillie suit. This funny video is the best funny prank you will ever get to watch on YouTube! You will laugh your heart out. What would you do if a bush man jumped out at you and said something random like bacon? Would you punch them? Would you scream? Would you curse them out and spit on them?

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